Six Ways, Business Can Market Their Services Online

Six Ways, Business Can Market Their Services Online

The success of any business is largely determined by the number of customers associated with it. Business owners need to advertise their business in such a way that a majority of potential customers are attracted towards it. Marketing of a business can be done in various ways. However, most of them are time-consuming and do not feature many prospects for success.

Online Marketing is one of the best methods of marketing a business. It is fast and hence the success can be witnessed within no time and most importantly, the business owners can maintain a track of their marketing scheme.

In this generation almost everyone has exposure to the internet, hence online marketing is considered as one of the best ways to increase brand awareness among people and the business owners can use it in an effective manner to grow customers’ trust in their businesses.

Below mentioned are the six ways by which the businesses can market their services online:


Social Media (FB, Twitter)

Social Networking is considered as one of the best ways to advertise online. Social media is considered as the powerhouse of the advertisement industry. It creates an efficiently profitable channel for the business owners to promote their businesses and hence connects them to potential customers. Endless opportunities can be availed using Social media advertising.

In today’s generation, there are numerous social media platforms available. However, you need to use them perfectly to generate the ROI required for your company. Once you link with the perfect social media platform, you will be able to attract the best audience for your business and use the budget in a likewise manner to create the maximum impact.

The social networking sites already have a number of customers engaged with one brand or the other. In this scenario all you need to do is advertise your businesses properly, for then attracting the customers is no tough job. Great marketing techniques incorporated with your business offerings can bring your business remarkable success.

How does social media marketing help you to reach your goal?

Social media marketing helps you to reach a number of goals, some of them are:

  • You can rightfully increase your website traffic
  • It helps you to build constructive conversions in your business profit.
  • The social media platforms help you to raise the brand awareness among potential customers.
  • It plays an important role in helping you to create your own brand identity among the mass create a positive brand name.
  • With its help you can improve your businesses’ communication and interaction with the potential audiences

Once you achieve a big and highly engaged audience via the various social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc., you can easily achieve boundless marketing goals.

Professional Network (LinkedIn)

LinkedIn is one highly professional social marketing platform which basically helps to maintain smooth business communication and recommendations. If you wish to enter the professional world with your business, then LinkedIn groups are the perfect venue to venture with. It is one platform where you can easily find like-minded business professional which will help you to advertise your business properly from a professional point of view.

To increase the position of your business in this professional world, you should encourage your present customers to give you business recommendations on LinkedIn as it will create a good name of your company among the potential customers. The recommendations you get on LinkedIn will increase the position of your business and will make it appear highly reliable and credible among your new customers.

You can easily browse the Q/A sections on LinkedIn to understand how the system actually works. LinkedIn provides an amazing B2B platform on which the business owners can share the details of their company and the type of the business they are associated with.

How to use LinkedIn as a marketing tool?

LinkedIn is one extremely valuable marketing tool which can help your business grow greatly. You can use the below-mentioned tips to make your company reach the heights of success.

Create Your Own LinkedIn Address: Firstly you need to create your own LinkedIn profile, where you can store your personal collection. This can be customized as per your business plan’s needs and requirements

Start Posting On Your Profile: You must post regular updates relating to your business plans and must actively participate in the discussions in order to make a position for yourself among the already established members

Establish Your Business Connections: First you need to formulate your goals which you wish to achieve through your LinkedIn account. Once you create an active list of connections on LinkedIn then you can easily use this opportunity in your favour to make your business succeed by leaps and bounds. Yield the introduction feature of LinkedIn in a positive manner to make connections in the business world.

Hunt professional Employees: The main aim of marketing your business to attract potential customers and employees for your business. The recruiting tool of LinkedIn is much more effective than the recruiting tools used by the other traditional social networking platforms and hence LinkedIn can effectively help you to find your target applicants

Expand Your Business: Try to connect with every potential business professional on LinkedIn. This will not only help you to expand your circle but will also help you to advertise the name of your business among a larger population.


SEO is the acronym for “search engine optimization”. The ranking of your webpage on the various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. is determined by SEO. The most important thing to remember about SEO is that it is nothing without a good content. Your webpage will not receive a good ranking as long as you feature high quality and information-rich content on it.

Search Engine Optimization can be categorized into two parts: On-page optimization and Off-Page Optimization.

On-Page Optimization: It is related to the development of the website elements which is inclusive of the URLs, HTML codes, images and content.
Off-Page Optimization: It mainly refers to the backlinks which are basically the links to the websites which are optimized and refer to some other relevant websites.

Keyword Optimization:

Keywords present in your content also play a major role in determining the rankings of your webpage. You need to optimize your keywords in such a manner that whenever any user types in the specific keywords, the search engine puts your webpage on the first page of the search. The presence of backlinks in the content also plays an equally important role. However, for that, you need to first create such a valuable body to which you can easily link your content to.

Technical Development:

Various technical tasks are to be carried out like the creation of a sitemap, optimization of your URLs, providing the optimal speed to the users, etc. Fresh content obtains a better ranking than the content which is already circulating on the web. Hence you need to look out for the matter which is being posted on your website.


SEO requires the webpage owners to put in the required efforts so that it becomes easier for Google or any other search engine to crawl to and give them a suitable ranking. Rankings are the position in which the search engine displays your website when the user types in the keywords. Higher the ranking, more traffic will be attracted on your webpage. Once you apply the SEO techniques properly, your webpage will certainly attain a good ranking.

Once your webpage receives a good ranking, it will ensure to you that a number of customers are being redirected to your page, thereby increasing traffic on your webpage. It is an effective method to advertise your business online.

PPC (Pay Per Click):

Pay Per Click is an online advertising method in which you can the advertisers showcase their own advertisements for their business and when any user searches for any related relevant thing online, then these advertisements are displayed by the search engines.

Only when the users click on their advertisements, the advertisers are charged and hence are known as “Pay Per Click”. Keywords play a major role in this advertising model and thus it is also known as “Keyword Advertising”.

Ad Auction:

If you want your advertisements to appear beside the search results then you cannot just simply pay more so that your Ad attains a better position than your competitors’ advertisements. This is certainly not the process. For the following to happen you need to participate in the Ad Auction, where your advertisement will compete against the other advertisements. This is a completely automated process controlled by Google and the other search engines. This process is used to rightfully determine how relevant your ad is and decides the validity for which your ad will be featured on their search engine results.

Ad Auction is a bidding process where the advertisers need to bid on the keywords which they wish to be triggered or displayed alongside their advertisements. This Ad Auction determines which advertisements will be displayed on their search engine results’ page and in what order and with what keywords.

Once your Ad gets a relatively good position on the SERPs of the search engine, it will reach to a number of potential customers. All you need to do is devote your time and ultimate efforts to this advertising model to make your business stay abreast in the competition.

The advantages of using PPC:

  • PPC advertising is quite fast: With various applications like Google Adwords, you can easily attract your desired customers within a small duration of opening your account
  • It can be even treated as a bargain: At times you must have come across such categories where the top bid is amazing. They are the long-tail search term which not many people have the time to go through. In such situations, PPC is an amazing option as compared to other forms of paid advertising.
  • Agile method of marketing: If any search engine marketing or any other paid advertising method lags behind by weeks or month it can hence change audience behavior. In such a situation you can easily adjust your most pay per click regimes for any duration of time. This hereby provides an amazing opportunity to market various conditions and the ever dynamic customers’ interest.

eMail Marketing

Email marketing is the process by which the various businesses can market their products by creating an email network. It is basically done by the building a good relationship with the potential customers. It is quite similar to the sending of mails simply through an electronic network.

Personalized eMail Marketing:

Email marketing can be rightfully personalized. The business owners can create their own groups and communities consisting of the potential customers and can send emails about their new products arrival, coupons and discounts to advertise their business. You can even personally provide discounts and coupons on the occasion of your customers’ birthday. This will surely help you to attract customers. Thus email marketing helps to increase sales and increases customers’ trust in your company.

Advantages of using eMail Marketing:

  • While only half of the population uses social media, about 75% of the population has email ids. Hence marketing through emails gives a greater exposure to the businesses than through any other mode of advertising
  • Most of the customers prefer to be redirected to the business page through the link obtained in the emails instead of typing the keywords and then waiting for the search engine to redirect them to the company’s page
  • When you post something on your social media page, it doesn’t provide you with any guarantee that the customers will go to your page. However, in the case of emails, the customers themselves give their consent by providing their email address to you.
  • A greater analysis and an enhanced report is obtained through email marketing.

Tips for eMail Marketing:

  • Create your own email list instead of buying one. Contradictory to the primal thoughts, buying an email list is simply a waste of time and money. Most of the email addresses mentioned in the list have their notifications turned off for the business advertising updates.
  • Stick to the rules and regulations mentioned under the CAM-SPAM act. Otherwise your email will be directed to the spam folder.
  • If you plan on sending a newsletter, then be regular with your mails. Let your customers know about each and every update.

Video Marketing:

Video marketing is the process the business owners use to market or promote their business products with the help of videos. These videos feature the message you want to convey through your business advertisements. Once the video goes viral, there is no limitations to the number of potential customers it can attract.

How to advertise your business through your videos?

You need to pay attention that your video doesn’t feature anything about how this video will increase your sales, it should be completely focused on conveying your story to the viewers. Your video needs to be attractive enough to keep your viewers hooked onto it till the end. You can strategically place your webpage’s URL below the video so that there is an increase in the traffic on your webpage.

Most of the viewers tend to skip away from the video within ten seconds of it being played. Hence you need to make sure that the first ten seconds of your video features the best of your content so as to engage the viewers and compel them to watch it till the end

Put forth even the serious content with a humorous touch. Viewers tend to stick to videos which are engaging and have a funny touch rather than wasting time on a yawn-triggering video.

You need to properly optimize the search engines so that your video appears in the first list of the search. Attach proper descriptions to your video. Descriptions help the search spiders to link your video to any meaningful keywords so that when the user types in that particular keyword, your video is featured in the list.


As the number of Internet users are growing rapidly, the exposure your business will obtain through online marketing is incomparable. It is highly flexible as compared to the traditional marketing methods.

Internet marketing are of a numerous types, however, the above mentioned forms are one of the major types of it.

These types of online advertising not only enhance the customer-client relationship but also expand the company’s prospects of success in the global market. However, to succeed in the field of online marketing, the business owner needs to possess a perfect strategy, understanding towards management tasks and should commit to their goals.

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