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Have you checked to make sure your business’ website is optimized for local maps SEO? Or are you still popping up on page 2 or 3 (or lower) of search results, even in your local area?

Many businesses owners underestimate the importance of optimizing their website for search engine algorithms. But the brutal reality is that:

Over 80%

of people look-up the location and direction of a business on Google Maps

Nearly 50%

of the searches made on Google, Yahoo and Bing are for local services or products

Less than 3%

of searchers look past the first ten search results on any search engine

20% Of

Local search made by Mobile result into a potential customer within 48 hours

If your website isn’t optimized and appearing low on the search engine results pages (SERPs) and in Google map searches, you are losing the majority of your potential paying customers, which puts you and your business at a major disadvantage.

Whether you are a small, medium or large company, you need to ensure that you implement a solid local SEO strategy to drive local customers to your website organically.

Web Marketr’s SEO Expertise

At Web Marketr, we have been in the digital marketing and SEO business for over 13 years. With experience of over helping over 100’s of local businesses with their SEO needs, we can optimize your website for SEO tactics to hone in accurately on your ideal audience. We know how to help you rank high in searches in your area, and improve your ranking in Google maps searches and locality-based searches.

If you’re tired of your website not making it in the top ten and not showing up in the map pack of search results, we can help you climb up the search results latter and start experiencing more website traffic and conversion.

The success of your business largely depends on how much internet traffic you can capture and convert. For something so important, you need experience and expertise. Don’t settle for anything less.

What Exactly Is LOCAL SEO?

Local SEO is search engine optimization that is focused on driving specifically local search traffic to your website. It is specific to service/industry and location, and does a better job at capturing consumers who are much closer to conversion than broader, national SEO tactics.

An example of a search that will pull local results is “Roofers in Carmel, IN.” But, search engines don’t only look for location when a user specifies one. However, Google knows what results are nearest the searcher (if the search query/keyword does not contain the location) and it is programmed to assume that the nearer a business entity is to the user, the more relevant it is, and thus the higher its website will rank.

This is why local SEO is important even for businesses functioning at a state or national level, especially when they have multiple locations. When your website uses strong local SEO strategies that hone in on local customers, your business will also appear in map listings, which more and more users rely on to determine what business(s) they will try.


Other benefits of strong, planned local search engine optimization strategy:

  • less competition locally, so you can more easily rank higher in your area
  • less “authority” (age, reliability, and references from other sites) is required to rank higher because the results focus on geography as most relevant
  • less time to create noticeable results in the amount of local traffic and customers

Do I Need Local SEO?

As indicated above, it is a good idea for even state and national businesses to utilize local SEO tactics.

If you have a location that customers can or need to visit, you want your business to appear in Google map searches, and you want to appear at the top of location specific searches. For instance, if someone searches for “Pet stores near me,” and PetsMart wants to appear at the top of that list in the maps, they will need to have focused on local SEO tactics.

So, the bottom line – yes! You need local SEO.

Furthermore, when you work with us, we promise:

  • We Listen

    We want to hear from you about your business and goals first before we craft and deliver our Local SEO strategy for your business.

  • We Communicate

    We don’t want you wondering what’s going on and we promise to keep you in the loop on a regular basis through our monthly review calls.

  • We Share

    We believe in transparency. That’s why we provide regular SEO marketing reports with metrics so you can see real, tangible results.

Interested in learning more? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to get you started.