Content Development

Content Development & Marketing Strategy

So you just launched your pretty website and you’re eagerly awaiting the traffic and new customers to come pouring in. But time goes by, and after all that work to get your site up and running, it’s barely gotten a nibble, much less a full catch of new customers.

If this is you, or if you’re worried that this will be you, a good question to ask is – how’s your content strategy? Didn’t know you needed one? Well guess what – you absolutely do!

Why Website Content Matters

Many people make the mistake of thinking that the biggest part of having a website is getting the initial information onto the pages, launching the site, and sitting back to watch and wait. They see the content as primarily providing basic information about themselves and their service/product.

However, content on your website is doing way more than simply informing users. And you can’t just “set it and forget it” – when content goes stale, traffic stops being directed to your website. But more on that in a minute.

Content strategy also goes beyond just the content on your website and expands out to include your social media campaigns, your email distribution, blogs and even videos.

Quality content strategy matters because effective content:

  • Increases brand exposure: by producing fresh content, and a variety of different types of content, through numerous platforms (such as social media, blogs, email, etc), you significantly increase the number of places and the number of reasons your brand gets exposed.The more exposure you get, the more potential customers you gain both directly and indirectly, and the more familiar you become. All good things.
  • Improves brand authority: when your brand is exposed on a large level over time, it becomes a familiar and more trusted brand. This increases its perceived authority both to human users and bots (which is important for SEO, which we’ll hit on in a moment).
  • Enhances SEO: when you have intentional, well-crafted content utilizing important key phrases, and when you have consistently fresh content, and content appearing in numerous places, all of this plays a huge role in improving your search engine optimization.Increases authority (mentioned above) results in higher ranking. Fresh and frequent content on your website results in higher search rankings. More content related to your industry and the search terms people use to find related businesses/information results in higher search rankings. So much about where you appear in search results relies on the quality and deliberateness of your content.
  • Enforces brand persona: while image and design definitely play a role in developing your brand and persona, nothing creates and establishes your brand like your content. This is especially true for the content you put on your social media profiles, but is also very true of how you represent yourself on the landing pages.Well-written, engaging content can create a unique, incredibly memorable brand that easily gains the loyalty of your audience.
  • Leads potential customers through the sales funnel: content is the primary catalyst that leads people from the point of awareness of your brand, to becoming informed about your brand and services/product, to researching it further, to making that prized decision to become a customer and to returning as a loyal customer after their initial experience.Engaging, clear and subtly persuasive content bears much of the responsibility for whether or not someone chooses to become a customer. If it is not engaging, clear or persuasive, you could potentially not only miss customers, but could actually be driving them away.

Let Web Marketr Develop Your Content Strategy

As should now be clear, the power of life or death for your marketing campaign and therefore business is largely in your content strategy. A poorly thought out strategy, or as we too often see, a non-existent strategy, doesn’t only fail to draw traffic and convert it – it actually drives traffic away.

We want to help you avoid that very serious problem. We have been in the digital marketing industry for well over a decade. We’ve been around for each new development in communication and marketing as it has occurred and there isn’t any platform or strategy that we aren’t prepared to take advantage of. We know how to craft content that will successfully lead your visitors through your sales funnel to successful conversion.

Allow us to help you increase and optimize your content so that you can be discovered, put your best foot forward, attract more organic traffic, enhance your brand, and see higher rates of conversion.