Success Stories

An evidence of our dedication, commitment and perseverance

Case Studies

If you are still dicey about considering us take a glance at our accomplishments that demonstrate our journey through unique challenges, formulation of pragmatic strategies, and skilful implementation of projects that had a significant impact on the business of our clients.

These success stories will serve to clear all your doubts concerning our capabilities, reassuring you to convert your contemplation into a choice.

Roland Reash Plumbing

Rolland Reash Plumbing, Inc. is a family owned and operated plumbing company serving the Jacksonville, Florida metro area for over 13 years. With a fleet of 20 trucks and highly qualified plumbing technicians the company is committed to providing its customer the best services handling almost every possible plumbing job on the planet.

The Objective: Rolland Reash Plumbing approached Webmarketr with a clear focus of expanding the reach of their services and building a strong presence in the plumbing market owing to fierce competition in their field.

The Challenge: With every company relying heavily on SEO strategies for marketing and promotions the challenge here was to develop a well planned strategy to give Rolland Reash Plumbing that edge over its competitors.

Strategy Employed: Webmarketr provided them with a cost effective solution and assured results with top and trusted directory submissions that were specific to their niche business in order to divert quality traffic and increase the significance and relevance of their pages in search engine results. The links we submitted connected directly to the internal pages of their website with the specific usage of key words. This in turn made it easy to get back links and ultimately improved their ranking.

The Results: Within a short span of time business followed and the company witnessed an increase in traffic. These submissions served to be extremely resourceful in delivering information regarding their products and services in relevant searches. Our 100% manual submissions triggered their popularity and enhanced their visibility giving them the desired results within a short span of time.


EntraCell is a state-of-the-art pharmacy that offers patients customized pain management, scare treatment and wound care solutions. Their highly competent healthcare professionals specialize in providing the best, and most advanced treatments that meet their needs and helps improve their quality of life safely and effectively.

The Objective: Despite being the best in their field Entracell was suffering from mediocrity among contemporaries. Our Goal then, was to ensure that they not only gain a solid footing that keeps them in business but also to give them the benefits that come with ongoing marketing.

The Challenge: They came to us at a stage when the Pharmaceutical industry was at a crucial stage with radical changes in policies and monetary challenges and to further worsen the situation there were a host of healthcare providers claiming to provide value services at competitive prices.

Strategy Employed: Webmarketr determined that the key to boosting their popularity and penetrating the market at this juncture was Article Submission which could take them viral with dynamic content. We implemented the strategy with submitting more than 250 articles, rich in keywords and content on authentic and credible websites.

The Results: Without tossing any flashy hoardings or broadcasting ads we achieved phenomenal results that opened new avenues for EntraCell. The articles generated increased traffic through meaningful backlinks since we had strategically placed the titles that were closely relevant to the keywords targeted while strictly adhering to the norms of submission sites. This not only led to attracting more visitors but also increased the awareness of their brand.

Net Zero

NetZero is a nationwide Internet Service Provider, available in more than 12,000 cities across North America. The company is renowned for providing secure and accelerated Internet access for laptops, iPads, netbooks and tablets to over 200 million people in the U.S. without any contracts, commitments or overage charges.

The Objective: In order to cut down the heavy expenditure being incurred on advertising, promotions and seo strategies that could not yield the aspired results NetZero wanted an affordable solution that would optimize their business.

The Challenge: Despite investing heavily on SEO solutions earlier, the company was continually dropping down on the search panel, losing out on leads and wasn’t getting any organic traffic. They had everything in place – user friendly navigation, rich content, and a dynamic website except recognition. Our challenge was that break through they needed.

Strategy Employed: We carefully constructed a campaign that integrated Social Bookmarking along with influential tactics and strategies to promote the website while carefully handling the tags. In order to improve the ranking, and ease the sharing we chose 50 sites that had a significant number of users. We also created an exclusive company profile that highlighted the company products/services and important events and activities which could give it a unique identity and create an impact.

The Results: Recommendations and references were soon generated on social platforms paving the way for trust and confidence among end users. The company despite witnessing constant competition managed to generate that buzz and this resulted in a cumulative wave of visitors with an added incentive of that much needed exposure.

Alert First Aid

Alert First-Aid is a Workers Compensation Board Level 1 Training Agency that has been offering quality first-aid and CPR training to Vancouver Island and Vancouver since 1999. They specialize in making first-aid courses as enjoyable and stress-free as possible so that their students retain this valuable life skill with hands-on training environment.

The Objective: Alert First-Aid came to us in search of that perfect marketing model for their business that could last the rapidly changing environment with a focus on enhancing their local visibility for better prospects.

The Challenge: Before going global they wanted to capture the local market that was witnessing massive competition from every corner. It was a growing business that needed a sustainable plan to make their services known in order to be availed.

Strategy Employed: We devised a personalized campaign that included precisely calculated link building strategy alongside local listings that included major platforms like Google, Yahoo and Yellow Pages that would allow users to explore their services on being listed in local search. Before getting them known, we had to get them noticed and so to generate that awareness we skilfully integrated deep links that could be easily located for that optimized visibility.

The Results: On comparing the revenue post project completion they could observe:

  • Rise in Rankings
  • Increased Popularity
  • Enhanced Visibility
  • Greater Acceptance